June 29th 2007

We are pround to announce the first INTOXICATED DEMONS show. We asked six of europe’s hottest urban art artists to join the succesful Berlin party event „live-demo“ for a live-painting show. Be sure not to miss this event and make it a hot summer night.(…)

June 30th 2007

After a long period of discussing ideas, counting money, writing e-mails and doing heavy construction work, the GALLERY finally will be open! We invite u to join the official opening show this saturday. Some of our favourite artists will join us for some awsome livepainting work:

ELPH (Edinburg/Scotland), ACORN (Edinburg/Scotland), GHOSTPATROL (Melbourne/Australia), PAL84 & SINA (Riga/Latvia), Gregor Louden (Edinburg/Scotland)

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