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ryc – ueberdose / pictures [2]

here are the first pictures of the exhibition. we would like to thank everyone who made this event possible, especially all the people who sent us their stickers, posters, installations… we received more stuff than we expected and enjoyed it a lot to put everything on the walls.(..)“

…go for ryc´s gallery / ueberdose´s gallery.

ryc – ueberdose / pictures [1]

..first pics taken at the ryc & ueberdosen exhibition!!

ryc expo

ryc expo

ryc expo


click here to see some more and in full size on flickr.

ryc & ueberdose buildup

first pictures from the ryc & ueberdose exhibition, starting at june the 24th – the buildup:



kenor ovni


buildup ryc ueberdose

some more pics.

ryc & ueberdose -poster:

ryc ausstellung

click img for a bigger view.


“wir haben keine angst vor ausstellung machen, wir sind nur ein bisschen verplant!“(ryc)

zusammen mit der graffitiseite wird reclaimyourcity als satellit im rahmen der “backjumps the live issue #3″ vom 24.juni bis zum 7.juli 007 eine ausstellung organisieren!! CLICK!